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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Loving your spouse through...

I am at a place right now where my marriage is really good. 
No great. Not fantastic. 
But really good.
We love each other so much. 
We are starting to listen to each other more.
We are starting to actually care about the other persons feelings. 

We have been married now for 6 years and counting. 
In those years we have learned so much about each other and ourselves.
We have had our UPS and we have had our DOWNS. 
And when I say down, I mean down.

Every marriage is completely different.
Each person is attracted to the other for a different set of qualities.
I can't picture myself with anyone else, but I know that most people couldn't picture themselves with my husband either. 
Despite his AMAZINGLY good looks {no joke, he is hot} and awesome sense of humor,
He is a tough cookie. 
Brutally honest and rarely sympathetic.

I love these qualities in him. I am EXTREMELY the opposite. 
But... he grounds me. 
I would be crying all the time if he didn't harden up my exterior.
I owe him a whole lot. 
He is my person.
What has your spouse done for you?

I know that these things can sometimes be hard to see.
I have a friend right now going through a time of turmoil.
They just can't seem to stop wanting what they want.
They can't stop being a little "selfish."
Now I won't say this to her straight up, that is just not me.
But I will pray for her. A lot.

Sometimes we get so caught up in what WE WANT, that we forget to leave room for what God wants.
I cloud my head with so much stuff, I can't hear Him most of the time.
Luckily, I am at a place where I can hear Him. Even when I don't like what He says.

Be selfless.
Be forgiving.
Be loving.
Be patient.
Be kind.
Strive to be like Me.

Now this is not easy for me. I love my husband, but I love myself sometimes WAY more. 
Sad really.
But so true.
Fortunately, I have a God who lives within me and can help with when I am super lost.
Like in a time of fighting with my spouse.

We all think that the grass can and will be greener on the other side.
Well it isn't. 
The grass is plenty green where you live.
If you water it.
Nurture it.
Love it.
Tend to it daily.

None of this is easy, or perfect. Tomorrow your life is not going to be changed because you decided to stick it out with your spouse and "tend to your marriage." 

These things take time. 
Lots of time.
Lots of prayer.
When I am in deep deep prayer, God prepares and changes my heart to be in sync with His.
I am no longer anxious or fearful.
I am calm and content. 
It is beautiful.

Please please please pray for God to come into your marriage. Make room for God to speak to you. Read His word. Pray. Tend to your marriage. Your grass will be green, beautiful and will fill you both up!

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